Schedule of Financial Calendar 2015/2016

In the context of providing accurate and timely information to investors, Jumbo SA announces the financial calendar for 2015/2016, according to the paragraph of the ATHEX Regulation, subject to necessary approvals by the relevant authorities:
  • The Annual Report for the financial year 2014/2015 according to the Law 3556/2007 will be announced and published on: 28.09.2015 after the end of trading on Athens Exchange on the Company’s website ( and on the Athens Stock Exchange website (
  • Analyst’s Meeting on Company Results 2014/2015: 07.10.2015
  • (The briefing will be held at 09:30 am, to the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association, at the building of the Athens Stock Exchange, Av. Athens 110, 10442)
  • Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2014/2015: 11.11.2015
The Company’s BoD will propose to the Annual General Meeting the non-dividend distribution for the financial year 2014/2015. The non-dividend distribution from the profits of the current year will be subject to the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders' approval, which should be decided under the necessary quorum and majority in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law 2190/1920.

The Company reserves the right to change the above dates following relevant notification to the Investors. BACK