A big part of our group’s growth is based on its’ people, who are parts of its backbone. We believe in creating chances, developing talents and evolving people. We are looking for people with desire for work and pioneer ideas. Young candidates without working experience can start their training in one of our stores and reach - through a system of extended training - one of the many positions that a constantly growing company offers. Our basic principle, is to secure an environment of meritocracy and objectivity. Our people - with hard work, following the path towards leadership - take responsibilities, develop initiatives and make decisions in order to discover their abilities in a daily basis.

On the 30th of June 2018 our group employed 6.378 employees, from which 5.607 were permanent staff and 771 seasonal.

If you wish to work for a dynamically growing Group, with optimum working conditions, development possibilities and career prospects, you may send your resume for the positions of your interest.

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