Pursuant to the Capital Market Commission BoD resolution no. 13/375/17.03.2006, the company “JUMBO LIMITED TRADING COMPANY” announces the following to the investing public: The Capital Market Commission, pursuant to the General Manager’s Decision no. 8/08.01.2007, has decided that: 1.EFG EUROBANK Securities S.A. shall be appointed as the member of the Athens Stock Exchange in charge to sell nine hundred twenty eight (928) shares that derive from unsold fractions of shares, which have come up due to the increase of the company’s share capital, which was decided in the Shareholders’ 1st Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting, on 03.05.2006. 2.Shares will be sold on Monday, January 15, 2007, pursuant to article 99 of the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation. The starting price of the shares shall not be lower than the previous daily close of the share, in a rate greater than two per cent (2%). 3.The Member must on the same day inform the Central Securities Depository and the Capital Market Committee on the outcome of the sale. The product of the above sale will be submitted by the Athens Stock Exchange Member, on behalf of the company, to the Deposit and Loans Fund. The investing public will be informed on the outcome of the sale, the procedure and the supporting documents required, in order for them to receive the amount they have the right to by the Deposit and Loans Fund. Moschato, January 11, 2007 For the company The Board of Directors