The Board of Directors of the trading company JUMBO SA informs the shareholders that the issue of the Convertible Bonded Loan of the Company, under articles 8 of the L. 3156/2003 and 3a of the L. 2190/1920, of the amount of € 42,432,150.00 with the issue of 4,243,215 common nominal bonds, of a nominal and disposal value € 10.00 per share, by cash payment and a pre-emption right over the old shareholders, that was decided at the Second Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders on 07.06.2006 and exercised from 17.08.2006 until 31.08.2006, has been covered by the exercised the pre-emption rights at a percentage of 83,74%, with the payment at the special bank account for the increase the total amount of euros 35,533,330, corresponding at 3,553,333 bonds, while the 689,882 bonds that have remained non-disposed, will be freely disposed by the company’s Board of Directors that has been relevantly authorised by the Extraordinary General Meeting of its shareholders. The Board of Directors, in order to satisfy the most possible requests of the company’s shareholders, who have fully exercised their pre-emption right, under its decision on 31.08.2006 defined that the 689.882 non-disposed bonds (Ao), shall be distributed with its original decision, that will be taken on 05.09.2006, under the following conditions : a) Every old shareholder, since he has already fully exercised his pre-emption right at the issue of the Convertible Bonded Loan, is entitled to receive further bonds from the non-disposed ones at a proportion to his participation, upon the completion of the Athens Stock Exchange session on 07.08.2006 at the existing share capital of the company. b) To this aim he has to submit, until the end of the banking hours on 05.09.2006, through the company’s Investor Relations Department a relevant application, addressed to its Board of Directors with the request to receive non-disposed bonds at a proportion to his participation at the existing share capital of the company and at the same time must pay by depositing cash at the special current banking account for the Loan, kept at the Bank “EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.”, the total cost for the acquisition of the non-disposed bonds. The number of the non-disposed bonds (No), which each shareholder is entitled to receive, will be defined by the product of the total number of the above non-disposed bonds (Αο=689.882) by the fraction with numerator the shares, held by the shareholder at 07.08.2006 (N), and denominator the total of the existing shares of the company (60.617.358), omitting any eventual fractional remainder that will result. Under a newer decision of the Board of Directors, which will be taken on 05.09.2006, all applications of the beneficiary – according to the above – shareholders for the receipt of the non-disposed bonds, that have been accompanied by the deposit of the correspondent price to the Bank, will be preferentially satisfied and then all remaining non-disposed bonds will be freely disposed when the Company will publish a newer announcement to the investors. Moshato 31.08.2006 The Board of Directors