Decisions of General Meeting Announcements regarding the issuance of a convertible bonded loan

JUMBO S.A. (Company reg. no 7650/06/Β/86/04) For the information of the investors, we communicate to you that during the second Repetitive Extraordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders which was held today at the company’s registered offices in Moschato (Kyprou 9 & Ydras), with the participation of 26 shareholders who hold and account for the rate of 49.66 % of the total share capital of the company, the following decisions made by the majority of 42.31%, with the abstention of 2 shareholders who hold and account for the rate of 7.35% from the vote, were : 1.To issue a bonded loan with convertible bonds non tradeable in the Stock Exchange with a warrant right favoring the old shareholders, in accordance with articles 8 of law 3156/2003 and 3a of law 2190/1920 as applicable based on the following general terms: a) type of bonds: registered ones convertible to common registered shares of the issuer, at nominal value €1,40, b) number of bonds 4.243.215, c) nominal value of bonds: €10, d) selling price of bonds: at par (€10), e) proportion of participation of old shares in the issuance: 0,07 bonds for 1 common registered share, f) expected revenues from issuance: €42.432.150,00, g) duration: 7 years as from the date of issuance, h) exercise of right to convert: for the first time on the 4th anniversary and henceforth every six months, i) ratio and price for conversion: each bond will give the bond holder the right to convert it to 0,71 to 1,67 common registered shares of the company with the right to vote. The conversion price will range from €6 to €14 per share. The final ratio and the final price for conversion will be specified by the company’s Board of Directors two working days before the date of issuance of the loan based on the average of the stock exchange price for closing the share in the last four weeks before the day that the above will be specified. 2.The company’s Board of Directors has been authorized to decide freely and take actions necessary to issue the loan based on the above basic terms as well as terms complementary to them, for the procedure of issuance and coverage of it, the exercise of warrant rights, the issuance of bonds and the representation of bond holders as well as for any other relevant issue. 3.If the loan is not fully covered, by the old shareholders or third investors, the issuance will reach the amount that will be paid.