JUMBO Presentation to The Union of Institutional Investors

Replies to all the queries of institutional investors and professionals in the Greek capital market were given today by the President and Managing Director of the Group of JUMBO Mr. Apostolos Vakakis. After analysing facts in the Greek market of toys, baby items, seasonal items, books and stationery in which Jumbo operates, Mr. Vakakis presented the comparative advantages of the Group for which it has been recently awarded a distinction in the competition “Superbrand 2005” as a top brand name in the Greek market and he revealed the strategic planning for the future. Following the example of large international business groups in retail sale (i.e. Wall Mart), in the next two years Jumbo Group will implement the policy of metropolitan department stores in Athens and Piraeus (destination locations). That particular choice is practically a one-way street after the establishment by 95% of a strong network of grand areas of retail sale in the country outside of Athens taking place in the last four years. In 2006 the Group JUMBO will also expand its warehouses to 100.000 square metres approximately in Attica as compared to 63.853 m2 which is today. The expansion of the Group in the Balkans was initiated with the commencement of the constructing of the first department store of 15.000 m2 in Sofia, Bulgaria and with the purchase of a second piece of land in the same city. The Group’s investment plan plans for investments amounting to €80 million in the next two years. It will be financed by the rest of the approved syndicated loan of €30 million, as well as by the additional issuance of a long term convertible bonded loan of €40 million in favor of the old shareholders with a long term payment period for interest and capital (bullet). To make that choice happen share capital will be increased through capitalization of reserves, increase in the nominal value per existing share as well as two new shares for free for every ten old ones. A significant comparative advantage of the Group is its robust financial structure and increasing cash flows thanks to its constantly increasing profitability. A strategic goal of the management of the group JUMBO is to establish its share as a firm investment choice (defensive stock), that’s why particular emphasis has been placed on a balanced growth of turnover and profitability.