Santa Claus came to Jumbo and to North side of Attica region

With grate satisfaction, the Jumbo Group informs its shareholders, that finally it received all the authorizations and approvals needed for the operation of the new hyper-store (which opens on Wednesday December 5th) of the company in Varimbombi at the North side of Attica region and will be the largest Jumbo store of the area. Santa Claus will bring this week one more license for our new store in Sofia of Bulgaria. As a result the residents of neighboring country will have “JUMBO” possibilities for their Christmas shopping in the 15.000sqm of the first Balkan shop of the Group. From the coming Wednesday the company will operate 17 Jumbo stores in Attica, 21 in the Greek province and 2 in Cyprus while up to Christmas the store in Sofia Bulgaria will operate fully. With the two new shops that are added in the Group’s network the total surface of points of sale is increased to 288,657sqm, while the productivity of the company’s employees guarantees dynamic results for the next quarters. According to the management, the first five months of the new financial year July-November 2007, sales and profits grew with a double digit number. The management targets to increase its market share above 38% for its core activities from 33% today and this will be supported with capital investments of € 150 millions in the next three years.