Announcement regarding the share capital increase of the company and the distribution of bonus shares

Jumbo SA Board of Directors announces to the investment public that the Annual General Meeting of its shareholders held on 3.12.2008, decided the Share Capital Increase by € 84.864.301,20 with the capitalisation of extraordinary reserves, a) of previous financial years extraordinary reserves, amount of € 54.555.622,20 and b) part of the extraordinary reserve of the fiscal year 2007/2008 amount of € 30.308.679 which is included to the account “retained earnings” of the published Financial Results according to IFRS . The Share Capital increase will be implemented through the issuance of 60.617.358 new bonus shares, of nominal value € 1.40 each. Pursuant to the said share capital increase, the share capital of the company shall stand at € 169.728.602,40, divided into 121.234.716 common shares of a par value of € 1,40 each. On 11/12/2008 decision no. Κ2-15012 of the Ministry of Development, whereby the share capital increase and the amendment of the article 5 par. A’ of the company’s Articles of Association was approved.
The Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), at its meeting on 18.12.2008, approved the listing for trading of the new 60.617.358 bonus shares. Pursuant, entitled to bonus shares at a proportion one (1) new for every one (1) old are the shareholders of the company that are registered on completion of settlement of the transactions effected by the closing of the ATHEX session of 23.12.2008. As of 24.12.2008, the company’s shares shall be traded on the ATHEX without entitlement to participation in the above share capital increase. Furthermore, as of the said date, the starting price for the shares’ trading shall be in accordance with the ATHEX Regulation.
The trading on the ATHEX of the company’s 60.617.358 new common registered shares will commence on 05.01.2009. As of the same date the said shares will be credited to the beneficiaries’ DSS accounts.
For further information, shareholders can, either request the relevant information bulletin in printed form from the company’s offices at 9 Kyprou and Hydras str., Moschato 18346 or view the same bulletin on the website of the company as well as to contact with the shareholder information department (Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267).