Announcement regarding the payment of fractions from the conversion of bonds into shares - Convertible non negotiable Bond Loan Jumbo SA, of € 42.432.150

“”JUMBO SA “announces the following:
According to the terms of the Convertible bond Loan of the company, issued on 08.09.2006 amount of €42.432.150, on 8.3.2012 were converted 9.673 bonds of nominal value and disposal value of € 10.00 into 20.317 new common nominal shares of the company, with nominal value € 1.40 each. According to the term 8 of the Convertible Bond Loan:
In case that from the conversion of bonds, resulted fractional shares, the bondholder may convert only the number of bonds which correspond to integer number of shares. For the remaining bonds the Company will pay to the bondholder’s amount equal to the value of the bond at the Conversion Date.
The amount that is eligible to every bondholder may be received from Monday 26.3.2012, during working days and hours, between 9:30 am and 14:00, from the representative of bond-holders “Bank EFG Eurobank – Ergasias”, Investors Information Services Division (8 Iolkou & Filikis Etairias Street , Building A, 142 34 Athens, tel. : +30 210 35 23 300) with the beneficiaries’ identification card. For further information Bondholders may contact the Investor Relations Officer - IR Manager Ms Amalia Karamitsoli at the address Kyprou 9 and Hydras, tel +30 210 4805267.