Consumers and Shareholders supported Jumbo JUMBO will return capital of 0,21 €/share in cash

The last 12 months have been unfavourable for the Greek retail market. Delicate balances have been altered; great reclassification changed permanently the picture of the Greek market. Only one remained stable in a termulant retail market: The Jumbo Group.

Τhe largest retail company of toys, baby products, stationary products and other relevant products in Greece retained the title of the champion in retail sales by offering quality and real prices.

The consumers in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria shown their preference in Jumbo products and as a result the Group reiterated, even in the most difficult year, its growth. For the financial year July 2011- June 2012 sales increased by 0,88% and reached € 494,29mil.

The shareholders trusted the management that had set a target to maintain the sales stable (0%-1%). Today, the 3.440 employees, officers and the management of JUMBO meet the target for the year 2011/2012. This success is attributed both to the strategic thesis of the Group to invest in new stores during the crisis and to the better performance of the existing stores’ network than the rest of the market. The company monitors the consumer needs and remains consistent with the Jumbo clients by offering a wide variety of product, at competitive prices.

During the financial year ended at June 2012, the Group opened six new hyperstores of which four operate in Greece and two in Bulgaria, reaching the total number of stores at 58.

The management responds to the trust shown by the shareholders, with announcing that the positive growth in sales is accompanied by positive growth in net income too for the financial year that has just ended.

The management will propose to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders, which will be held on 25.07.2012, the capital return of € 0,21 per share in cash.