In Business awards 2011 (Company of the year in Cyprus)

The quality in service, the excellent correlation between price and product offer, the constant search for the improvement and the renewal of the products are values that consumers reward every day by voting with their money, not only in Greece but in any country where the Group operates JUMBO stores.


In the fourth consecutive event of IN Business Awards 2011 Jumbo Group was awarded as the Best Company of the year in Cyprus.


The deep and honest relationship of JUMBO with the consumers in Cyprus, was started in 1991 with the operation of the first rented store of Jumbo trading Ltd in Nicosia.


Back then Jumbo’s main activity was the toys retail business. Today, 20 years latter, the Group in Cyrpus has a network of 3 modern stores where parents and children can choose from a wide variety of toys, baby products, school, seasonal products and products for the home every day at fair prices.


Jumbo Trading Ltd currently employs 281 employees and invests in the Cypriot economy with particular emphasis on infrastructure. In that sence, the company already has 2 modern warehouses in Cyprus.


For the financial year ended 30/6/2011, the company’s sales grew approximately by 21.51% y-o-y while net profits improved approximately by 11,51% y-o-y.


Jumbo trading Ltd saw from an early stage the challenges arising from the global unprecedented financial crisis. But instead of slowing down its investment project, Jumbo trading Ltd accelerated during the last financial year with the opening of a new owned store in Larnaca of total surface of 11,000 sq. m. which is expected to contribute to the raise of sales and profitability.


Jumbo Trading Ltd by planning and implementation of one more store in Paphos of total surface 9.000 sq. m. during the next financial year remains consistent to its investment program for continuing growth, achieving significant economies of scale.