Amendment of the Financial Calendar 2014/2015

The Company’s BoD according to its decision dated 20/11/2014, will propose to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders that will be held on Friday 12.12.2014 or on the defined repetitive date, the of the distribution of an extraordinary dividend of total amount EUR 24.490.756,62 or 0,18 Euro per share (gross), which is part of the extraordinary reserves derived from taxed and undistributed profits of the previous fiscal years and, specifically, from the year ended on 30/06/2013.
Following the above, the Company's financial calendar, subject to necessary approvals, is completed as follows:
• Date of the Extraordinary General Meeting: 12.12.2014
• The ex- dividend date of the extraordinary dividend: 23.12.2014. Ex- dividend date of the extraordinary dividend, that is after the 19.12.2014, which signifies the expiration date for the Futures Contracts on the FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap index.
• Extraordinary dividend beneficiaries – Record date: 29.12.2014.
• Extraordinary Dividend payment date: 05.01.2015.
The Company reserves the right to change the above dates following relevant notification to the Investors.