9month sales growth remain above the annual target

Despite the liquidity difficulties and against the uncertainty of our times, Greek consumers vote every day with their money the quality service and the excellent balance between price and quality offered by JUMBO stores.

The nine-month figures show that during the period between July 2014 and March 2015, the JUMBO stores sales amounted to EUR 446,17 million compared to EUR 410,94 million at the respected period of the last financial year.

This implies that the Group's turnover increased during the first nine months of the current fiscal year, by + 8,57% y-o-y. It is recalled that in the first half of the current financial year the Group's turnover noted an increase of + 7,70%.

• During the first 3 months of 2015, from January until March 2015 that is during the third quarter of the current financial year the sales of the Greek stores reported a positive growth relative to the one of the first six months (excluding the positive influence due to "early Easter")

• Double digit growth of sales in Cyprus remains, after the opening of the new store in Limassol as well.

• The stores in Bulgaria demonstrate also a double digit growth in terms of sales.

Regarding the stores in Romania, they continue their successful course while in March the Group opened its fifth store in the country and specifically in the city of Arad, Romania (12,000 sqm).

It should be noted that the nine-month sales were positively affected due to the fact that the celebration of Easter this year was a week earlier than last year. According to preliminary sales figures concerning the Easter period, Greece has a small growth of 1% -2%, while the remaining countries demonstrate a double-digit growth compared to last Easter period.

However, as the environment is difficult and with many challenges, the Group's management maintains its initial estimation for an annual increase in turnover of + 4% to + 6% despite the up to date tendency for greater growth.

Jumbo Group operates a network of 70 stores in 4 countries, 52 out of which are located in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 8 in Bulgaria and 5 in Romania as well as the on line store e-Jumbo.

Jumbo continues its investment plan aiming at the opening of one more store in Greece (9,000 sqm) by the end of the current financial year.