ANNOUNCEMENT-In response to the query tabled by the Capital Market Commission on 31.10.2018

JUMBO SA, in response to the today's relevant query from the Capital Market Commission, and in order to promptly and thoroughly inform shareholders and the investment community, hereby categorically denies, expressly and emphatically, today's press reports referring to the possible involvement of the company, in any direct or indirect way, in relation to the alleged illegal transactions of the privately-owned company of the already resigned minority shareholder, deputy Vice President and Executive Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Evaggelos Papaevaggelou, as misstated and unfounded.


1. The company has absolutely no acquaintance, nor relationship, nor connection with the personal business transactions of Mr. Papaevaggelou in the sector of real estate or other.

2. No transaction has ever been executed through any of the company’s bank accounts and payment systems, apart from what concerns exclusively the daily commercial transactions of the company.

3. In any case Mr. Papaevaggelou had no authority or power of signature in relation to the financial transactions of the company, as his sole activity was to be responsible for the daily transactions with public entities, authorities and organizations.