Despite the positive messages, uncertainty remains…

JUMBO Group, consistent in its commitment to its shareholders-partners, informs about the Group’s sales performance during this difficult period.

It is reminded that 2020 started very promising, with sales in January increased by approximately + 13% y-o-y and in February by + 23% y-o-y.

Because of the necessary - as it turned to be - government decisions for limiting the spread of Covid-19 and despite the explosive increase in demand for products through the online store e-JUMBO, the Group’s sales in March recorded a decrease of approximately -51% y-o-y.

In April, with most of the stores remained closed and the rest to underperform, the Easter season was permanently lost. Sales recorded a drop of -86%, always compared to the same month last year.

In May, there was a gradual restart of the economy. With most stores operating in Greece and the three out of the five stores in Cyprus, in combination with the gradual lifting of the restrictions in Bulgaria and Romania, the Group's sales for this month were driven by double-digit growth (+ 13,6%).

June remained in positive territory recording a +5,8% y-o-y increase. As a result, the Group’s sales during the first half of 2020 reached EUR 278,8 million, decreased by approximately -17% y-o-y.

For the third consecutive month, July records a positive rate with Group’s sales increasing by approximately + 8% y-o-y.

As a result, the Group’s sales during the first seven months of 2020 recorded a decrease by approximately -12,5% y-o-y.
The above figures do not allow - for the time being - to draw sound conclusions and estimates for the whole year, as it is obvious that market conditions change dramatically from one day to the next and depending on the developments related to managing the Covid-19 situation at national and global level.
The management of the JUMBO Group is committed to continue to inform regularly its shareholders-partners on every new data.