Shareholder’s update for the first quarter of 2021 Group sales performance

Group's sales, in March 2021, recorded an increase of approximately +24% y-o-y. This indicates that Group’s sales during the first quarter of 2021 declined by approximately -11% y-o-y, from -19% y-o-y during first two months of 2021.

This year, in March 2021, almost all stores in Greece remained closed.

• As a result, the net sales of the parent company - excluding intragroup sales –decreased by approximately -31%, compared to last March when the stores were open until the middle of March 2020.

• Cyprus: The stores continued to operate and as a result, sales were more than doubled compared to March 2020.
• Bulgaria: All Jumbo stores were open for most of the month. During March 2021, sales of the stores in Bulgaria increased by approximately +47% y-o-y.

• Romania: all 14 Jumbo stores in the country were open, recording doubled sales compared to March 2020.