Financial Calendar update

As already announced during the General Meeting of the Shareholders of the Company held on 15.06.2021 and with the decision of the Board of Directors dated 23.06.2021, the Company will proceed for 2021 to an extraordinary cash distribution from taxed and non-distributed profits of the financial year 2020, remaining faithful to its dividend distribution policy to distribute dividend every year. This is equivalent to a gross amount of EUR0.47 per share, i.e. an amount equal to the dividend distributed for the 12-month financial year ending 30.06.2019.
As a result, in the context of providing accurate and timely information to investors, according to the provisions of article of the Athens Exchange Regulation, the Company announces its updated financial calendar with reference to the ex-date, record date and payment commencement date of the extraordinary cash distribution amounting to EUR 0.47 per share (gross):
  • Cut-off date of the extraordinary cash distribution: 20.07.2021. Date after 16.07.2021 which is the expiration date for the Futures Contracts on the FTSE/ATHEX Large Cap index.
  • Beneficiaries of the extraordinary cash distribution – Record date: 21.07.2021.
  • Payment commencement date of the extraordinary cash distribution: 26.07.2021.
The extraordinary cash distribution will be paid according to the Athens Exchange Regulation through a credit institution (bank) and clarifications for the payment procedure shall be provided through a separate announcement.