Increased dividend by 25% for 2021

The Jumbo Group continues its effort to balance even though the supply chain problems, the raw materials cost, energy and transportation costs persist, instead of improving.
Under these circumstances, the initial assessment of the management that 2021 will be another lost year compared to the standards of Jumbo for balanced growth in sales as well as in profitability of the Group is being confirmed.
It is also obvious that the adverse conditions are not expected to be improved in the first months of 2022, on the contrary, it is more likely to worsen, resulting in 2022 to be maybe considered as another lost year.
The management of Jumbo aims through the profitability and the strong financial position of the Group, to:

1. preserve Jumbo’s philosophy towards the consumer regarding the price - product relation, choosing even not to repurchase certain product categories when its considered that this relation is against the consumers’ interest but in favor of a supplier or of a trade union.

2. to reward its shareholders - partners for their support and their trust in the Company and its management, by proceeding to the advance payment of the total dividend for the year 2021, which will be also increased compared to 2020, in the form of extraordinary cash distribution, staying loyal to its commitment to distribute dividends even in lost years.
It is noted that for 2021, the Group proceeded in July to an extraordinary cash distribution of 0,47 EUR per share (gross) as an advance payment of the dividend for the year 2021.
As we go through the last quarter of the year, the management will proceed with an additional cash distribution amount of 0,30 EUR per share (gross) in two equal installments of 0,15 EUR per share in November 26 and December 17 respectively.
As a result, the total gross amount that will have been paid to the shareholders as a dividend for the year 2021 amounts to 0,77 EUR per share (gross) increased by +25% compared to 2020, which stood at 0,615 EUR per share.