Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Policy of JUMBO S.A.

1. Purpose of the sustainable development policy and corporate values
The Société Anonyme "JUMBO S.A." (the Company) is committed to responsibly manage any potential direct and/or indirect economic, social and environmental impacts from its operation in order to reduce the potential negative impacts and increase the positive ones to its staff, suppliers, partners, customers and consumers.
The Company seeks to its positive contribution to the Greek economy, society and the natural environment. It is important for the Company to create additional value for its customers, its people and its shareholders.
The Company ensures its compliance with the current legislation on sustainable development issues and the implementation of standards, policies, internal notes and related procedures that it applies.
Indicatively, the Company aims at the following:
  • Protecting the health and safety of its employees and consumers,
  • The continuous mitigation of environmental impacts,
  • Maintaining the regulatory compliance and the constant vigilance to deal with conditions that may favor the existence of corruption incidents at all levels and activities of the Company,
  • Creating employment and preserving job positions by developing its activities,
  • Respecting, defending and promoting human rights through its policies and initiatives,
  • Continuous training and development of its staff as well as their systematic and meritocratic evaluation,
  • Offering a work environment of meritocracy and equal opportunities, with policies of fair recruitment, reward and professional development, to all its staff without any discrimination,
  • Contributing to the needs of local communities through the encouragement and promotion of volunteering,
  • Implementing actions for the protection of the environment and the reduction of the environmental footprint, and
  • Providing a healthy and safe environment for its partners and visitors to its facilities.
The Company complies with the legislation and adheres to the rules concerning the activity of all the companies of the Group.
The Company has developed and implements a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and related policies, has adopted a corporate structure and governance that allows close relationships with investors, with the ultimate goal of creating further value for the shareholders.
The Company also evaluates and manages business risks in order to safeguard the interests of all interested parties.
It holds committees, takes measures and follows policies and procedures in order to enhance transparency, prevent and combat fraud, corruption and bribery and any conduct contrary to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

2. Scope of implementation of the sustainable development policy
The sustainable development policy covers all the activities of the Company and is linked to particular procedures, voluntary and regulatory commitments of the Company.

3. Duration of implementation of the sustainable development policy
The sustainable development policy is reviewed every two years or whenever deemed necessary in order to implement the commitments and objectives of the Company.