Evaggelos-Apostolos Vakakis - Chairman of the BoD
Mr. Vakakis is in charge of the company strategic development. He is a second-generation entrepreneur with extensive experience in the field. He studied business administration and financial management at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom).

Ioannis Economou, Vice Chairman of the BoD 
Graduate of Law School of Athens, a lawyer with extensive experience in the field of commercial law and especially in business. He has been the Company’s legal consultant since 1995.
Konstantina Demiri– CEO 
She is Jumbo’s Accounting Department Manager since 2003. Her professional career is related to the accounting and tax field, serving for 20 years as Head of Accounting in a Group of companies related to retail market.

Sofia Vakaki- Executive member.
Ms Vakaki is a graduate of Accounting and Finance of the University of San Diego and M.S. in Studies of Hospitality Industry at the University of New York. She was employed with Grant Thornton International LTD and since 2012 she has been working with JUMBO at the department of e-commerce and as a Head of merchandising of the Company being responsible for all branches of the parent and subsidiary companies in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus.

The above members of the B.o.D. are also assisted in their duties by a number of experienced executives most of which have been serving with the company for many years.


Daveta Theodora: Retail Group Funds Director
  Kritikou Eleni: Head of Replenishment dept.
Hatzikyriakou Christina: Commercial Director
Karamitsoli Amalia: Head of Investor Relations Dept.
Petridis Marios: Head of Store Managers (provincial Greece)
Terzaki Ioanna: Head of Internal Audit dept.
Tsitsopoulou Eleni: I.T. Director
Tsitsopoulou Sofia: Head of Payroll Dept

The postal address of the managerial executives and members of the B.o.D. is at Kyprou 9 & Hydras str., P.C. 183 46, Moschato, Attica.