JUMBO trademark is closely linked to joy and care, since through its products, the Company has been offering infinite hours of play and creativity to the children for over 30 years already. JUMBO has managed to gain recognition and trust of the young and the old, and constantly supports its customers, generously giving a smile to the young and the old through its products.

JUMBO always operates in full compliance with domestic and European legislation, business ethics and fundamental human rights and promotes responsible corporate conduct throughout its operations. JUMBO Corporate Responsibility Framework concentrates on 4 key aspects:

1. Corporate Governance

JUMBO has adopted Corporate Governance Principles as defined under the effective Greek legislation and international practices. The Company, whose ultimate objective is to facilitate transparency for the investors and safeguard the interests of its shareholders, is strictly organized based on regulations, principles and control procedures.

In the context of sound implementation of Corporate Governance, the Company has in place an internal control system, which consolidates all the aspects in respect of policies, procedures, duties, conducts, controls and safeguards. The implementation of the aforementioned is established by the Board of Directors and Management and such aspects characterize the conduct of the entire Human Resources of the Company.

2. Products and Operation Model

With an emphasis on creativity, JUMBO markets products offering endless hours of joy to its consumers and children in particular. JUMBO requires that its suppliers should comply with the stringent standards put in place in the European Union with regard to product manufacturing materials, as it is of primary importance to the Company to comply with all mandatory and legal requirements as far as the products quality is concerned.

Accordingly, certification of the Company's products depends on both the nature of the product and the legal requirements effective in EU member states.

On an on-going basis, the Company assesses representative samples of all products to be supplied, and thoroughly examines their characteristics, with a view to protecting health and safety of users/consumers.

Moreover, the Company has put in place written communication channels with its customers, as receiving feedback helps it improve the rendered services. Letters of complaint are carefully reviewed by the relevant Department of the Company and should the particular complaint cannot be resolved, the case is addressed by an expert.

3. Human Resources

Labour and working environment issues are of primary importance to the Company, since JUMBO views its employees as significant partners. As far as sound operation of administrative services and stores is concerned and in order to provide excellent customer service, the Company implements Internal Regulations Procedures, directly accessible to all the employees and posted on the Company's intranet. The Company places particular emphasis on the following issues:
  • On-going training of its people.
  • Occupational Health and Safety issues.
  • Communication with all the employees.
  • Performance appraisal applying Employee Assessment System especially tailored to every level.
It is to be noted that the Company is in close collaboration with Universities, offering students the opportunity for internships. Moreover, JUMBO received the necessary data regarding the needs of the market on on-going basis and participates in the programs implemented by the Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization (OAED).

4. Environmental Issues

The Company has recognized the significance of protecting the environment. As also stated in its Internal Regulations Procedures, the Company promotes "environmentally friendly practices in the context of its operations". JUMBO takes active part in Collective Alternative Waste Management Systems (SSED) regarding batteries and electrical appliances since the very first day of its obligations. To serve this purpose, bins of the respective systems have been placed in the Company's stores in order to make it easy for the customers to dispose of the materials that are to be recycled.

Furthermore, JUMBO systematically collaborates with licensed paper recycling companies that collect and settle packaging materials in stores, thus facilitating the recycling process. In order to enhance this process, the Company has invested in fixed and mobile infrastructure.

In the context of environmentally friendly operation of the Company's stores, every effort is made in order to reduce consumption of electricity and associated carbon dioxide emissions.

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