Election of new Board Directors

The company announces that at the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholder, which was held on 12.12.2007, Wednesday, at 16:00, at the company’s headquarters at Cyprou street 9 of Mochato, Attica, were present and represented 79 shareholders, which hold 32.67.234 of the total 60.617.358 shares and votes, equal to the percentage 54.06% of the total paid share capital of the company, among other issues ellected at absolute majority of 99.90% attending shares and votes the new Board of Directors (seven members). Its term of service was defined at two years finishing at 12/12/2009: Α. Four (4) Executive members: 1.Evaggelos-Apostolos Vakakis (George), entrepreneur, resident of Kifisia Attica, road Thanopoulou number 2 and Xenias, born in Alexandria of Egypt, passport number AB 0631716/26.09.2006, Executive member. 2.Ioannis Economou (Christos), lawyer, resident of Athens, road Academia number 32, born in Athens, identity cart number: Χ 156531/2002 of Agios Dimitrios police department, Executive member. 3.Calliopi Vernadaki (Emmanuil), private sector employee, resident of Athens, Dousmani road number 5, born in Moshato Attica, identity cart number Φ 099860/2001 of Kipseli police department, Executive member. 4.Evaggelos Papaevaggelou (Dimitrios), entrepreneur, resident of Piraeus, Santaroza road number 19, born in Pteleo Almiros Magnesia, identity cart number Χ-716990/2004 of Piraeus police department, Executive member. Β. One (1) Non Executive member: 1. Paraskevi Kavoura (Georgios), lawyer, resident of Maroussi Attica, Olympias road number 21, born in Itea Fokida, identity cart number ΑΖ 098564 of Maroussi police department, Non-Executive member. Γ. Two (2) independent non executive members: 1.Georgios Katsaros (Spiridonas), economist, resident of Ekali Attica, Pendelis road number 14, born in N. Smyrni Attica, identity cart number Σ-103608/1995 of N. Erythrea police department and 2.Dimitrios Skaleos (Ilias), Private sector employee, resident of Maroussi Attica, Pteris avenue 3, born in Athens, identity cart number Χ 703578/2004 of Maroussi police department.