Procedure for voting through proxy

According to the C.L. 2190/1920 as is effective, regarding the procedure for voting through proxy, the Company hereby informs the shareholders on the following:
The shareholder may participate in the General Meeting and may vote either in person or through proxy holders. Provisions of the Articles of Association, which limit either the exercise of voting right through proxy, or the eligibility of persons to be appointed as proxy, are not valid. Every shareholder may appoint up to 3 proxy holders. Legal persons may participate in the General Meeting by appointing up to 3 natural persons as proxy holders. However, if the shareholder has shares of the Company, held in more than one Investor Share Accounts, such limitation shall not prevent the shareholder from appointing a separate proxy holder as regards shares held in each Account in relation to the General Meeting.

The shareholder can name a proxy holder for one only General Meeting or for all the General Meetings that take place in a certain period.

The proxy holder votes according to the shareholder’s instructions, provided that they exist and he is obliged to file the instructions for at least one (1) year, from the submission of the application of the General Meeting resolutions to the authorities, by the registration in the Official Register of Societies Anonyms. A proxy holder holding proxies from several shareholders may cast votes for a certain shareholder differently from votes cast for another shareholder.

The proxy holder is obliged to disclose to the Company, before the commencement of the General Meeting, every specified fact which may be relevant for the shareholders in assessing any risk that the proxy holder might pursue any interest other than the interest of the shareholder. A conflict of interest within the meaning of this paragraph may in particular arise where the proxy holder:
(i) is a controlling shareholder of the Company, or is another entity controlled by such shareholder;
(ii) is a member of the board of directors or the general management of the Company, or of a controlling shareholder or an entity controlled by such shareholder;
(iii) is an employee or an auditor of the company, or of a controlling shareholder or an entity controlled by such shareholder;
(iv) is a spouse or close relative (of 1st degree) with a natural person referred to in points (i) to (iii).

The appointment and the revocation of the appointment of a proxy holder shall be made in writing and shall be notified to the Company in the same manner at least 3 days before the date of the General Meeting during working days and hours .

The Company has made available the form to be used for appointing a proxy holder on its website ( The above mentioned form filled in and signed by the shareholder shall be submitted to the Company’s offices 9, Kyprou and Hydras street, Moschato, Attica, (Shareholders Department, Ms Amalia Karamitsoli) or sent by fax to: (+30) 210 4805212 at least 3 days before the date of the General Meeting. The shareholders are requested to ensure the successful dispatch of the form of appointment of a proxy holder and receipt thereof by the Company by calling (+30) 210 4805267.