Extraordinary Dividend distribution

Jumbo S.A. announces to its shareholders that, according to article of the Athens Exchange Regulation, the Extraordinary General assembly of its Shareholders, on December 12th, 2014 decided the distribution to Shareholders of the total dividend of 0,18 Euro per share before withholding dividend tax which is part of the extraordinary reserves derived from taxed and undistributed profits of the previous fiscal years and, specifically, from the year ended on 30/06/2013.
After withholding the dividend tax the extraordinary dividend, amounts to 0,162 Euro per share. Specifically, beneficiaries of the extraordinary dividend are the Company's registered shareholders at the closing of the Athens Exchange session on the record date which is 29.12.2014. The Ex-dividend date is 23.12.2014. The dividend payment to entitled Shareholders begins on Monday, January 5th, 2015 and will be processed through the Eurobank Ergasias SA, as follows:
1. via the operators (custodians- stockbrokers) of those shareholders entitled to receive the amount of the capital return provided if they have been granted collection rights,
2. via Eurobank Ergasias SA if it acts as operator in the Central Depositary System for a shareholder,
3. via “Eurobank Ergasias” branch network, upon presentation of their ID card and the particulars of the DSS account, if their portfolio is held at the Central Securities Depository (now Hellenic Exchanges S.A.) or they have not granted or have revoked authorisation for their broker to collect the amount of the capital return. The payment of the dividend through “Eurobank Ergasias” will be executed through the submission of the Identity Card of the Shareholder, while the payment to a third person can only be done through the presentation of an authorization, which shall include the full details of the Shareholder as well as of the authorized person (full name, father's name, Identity number & taxpayer identification number) and will be certified for the original signature by the Police or another Public Authority.
After three (3) months from the payment date, i.e. as of Tuesday 07.04.2015, payment will be made only at the company’s headquarters at Moshato Attica (9th Cyprus street and Idras, Tel. +30 2104805267). For further information, shareholders may contact the shareholder information department during working days and hours (Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267).