Announcement 09.06.2006

The Board of Directors of the trading company JUMBO SA informs the investors that the issue of the Convertible Bonded Loan of the Company, under articles 8 of the L. 3156/2003 and 3a of the L. 2190/1920, of the amount of € 42,432,150.00 by cash payment and a pre-emption right over the old shareholders, that was decided at the Second Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders on 07.06.2006 at first covered, from 17.08.2006 until 31.08.2006, by the ones who exercised their pre-emption right at a percentage of 83.74%, corresponding at 3,553,333 bonds, with the payment at the special bank account for the increase the total amount of euros 35,533,330. Following, from the 689,882 bonds that have remained non-disposed, by the decision of the companys Board of Directors, 6 applicant shareholders on 07.08.2006 took 6.595 non-disposed bonds with the payment of euros 65,950.00 and the remaining 683,287 non- disposed bonds disposed to the Bank "EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.", which is obliged to pay their relevant price, euros 6,832,870.00 on 08.09.2006. So the Convertible Bonded Loan covered 100%, of the amount of € 42,432,150.00 with the issue of 4,243,215 common nominal bonds, of a nominal and disposal value € 10.00 per share. The bonds at a natural form of multiple securities of common nominal shares will be attributed to the beneficiary bond holders, after the issue of the Loan, of its Program and the printing of the natural securities that will be effectuated after the completion of all the legal procedures. Moshato 05.09.2006 The Board of Directors