In order to inform our shareholders and investors we announce that during the THE FIRST REPEATING UNSCHEDULED GENERAL MEETING, which took place on 03.05.2006, week day Wednesday and time 16:00, at the companys central offices at 9 Kyprou and Hydras str, Moschato , Attica was presented 37 shareholders, who represented 50.8727% of the paid share capital of the company decided at one amndment of the relevant articles 2.3 and 5 par. A of the companys Memorandum of Association and its formulation into a unified text. Especially: 1. Amendment of article 2 of the Companys Memorandum of Association due to relocation of the companys head office from the Municipality of Glyfada to the Municipality of Moschato, Attica 2.Amendment of article 3 of the companys Memorandum of Association due to Extension of the companys term of operation from thirty (30) to seventy (70) years 3.Amendment of the relevant article 5 par. A due to increase of the companys share capital by the amount of € 44,452,729.20, through capitalizationwhich part of that will be held through increase of the nominal value of the companys existing shares from € 0.80 to € 1.40 per share and part of through issue of 10,102,893 new shares of the company having a nominal value of euro 1.40 each, which will be freely disposed to the beneficiary shareholders of the company at the proportion of two (2) new shares for ten (10) old ones. The relevant documents for the effectuation of the decisions due to the law will be given after the approval from the proper authority