According to the Law and Articles of Associartion, the Board of Directors hereby invites the shareholders of the limited company under the trade name “JUMBO SA” to an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, which will take place on the tenth (10) day of the month of May, year 2006, week day Wednesday and time 15:00, upon a relevant special approval of the competent Directorate of S.A. & Credit of the Ministry of Development, at the central offices of the company at 9, Kyprou and Hydras street, in Moschato, Attica, in order to discuss and adopt resolutions on the only item of the agenda: Item only: Resolution adoption for the Issue of a Convertible Bonded Loan of the amount of – 42.432.150 and its conditions, for the finance of the corporate aims of the company and for the provision of a special relevant authorization to the Board of Directors of the company. The shareholders who wish to participate at the above General Meeting, should through their operator at the Intangible Securities System or directly at the Central Securities Depository (CSD), if their shares are on the Special Account, to bind all or part of the shares, which they hold, and receive a share binding certificate which, along with the eventual representation documents, they are obliged to file until 04.05.2006 at the company’s Treasury in Moschato, Attica (Kyprou and Hydras str. 9, Hade of Shares department Mrs Ekaterini Papaevangelou). Glyfada, 05 April 2006 The Board of Directors”.