Capital Market Commission 16.01.2007

In the framework of the Capital Market Commission BoD resolution no. 13/375/17.03.2006, the company “JUMBO LIMITED TRADING COMPANY” announces the following to the investing public: Pursuant to the Decision of the Capital Market Commission’s General Manager, no. 8/08.01.2007, on January 15 2007, the sale of nine hundred twenty eight (928) shares that had derived from unsold fractions of shares, which had resulted due to the increase of the company’s share capital, which had been decided in the Shareholders’ 1st Repeat Extraordinary General Meeting, on 03.05.2006, took place. EFG EUROBANK Securities S.A., as the member of the Athens Stock Exchange in charge to conduct the above sale, will proceed to the deposit of the sale’s net product, which amounts to fourteen thousand seven hundred sixteen euros and eighty seven cents (14,716.87 €), proportionately, in favor of the total of the beneficiaries to the Deposit and Loans Fund, within (7) seven working days, as foreseen in resolution no. 13/375/17.03.2006 of the Capital Market Commission BoD. Share holders, in order to collect their proportionate amount (namely, 14,716.87 / 928 = 15.8587 per whole share unit) from the Deposit and Loans Fund, are kindly asked to collect the related Affirmation from the Company. For further clarifications and information please contact the Shareholders’ Department of the Company, for which responsible is Ms. Katerina Papaevangelou, tel. 2104805267.