Consumers voted for Jumbo this Christmas as well!!! Impressive increase in turnover and profits is shown by the semi-annual account returns.

An impressive profit increase by 41.4% after taxes is recorded in the unified account returns of the first six months period from July 1st, 2006 until December 31st 2006 for Jumbo Group concerning the operating results for 2006/2007. This period includes the unfortunate for the Greek trade period of the continuous strike of dockworkers from working overtime and its known to all devastating consequences… Jumbo Group operating preventively, just like every year, managed to meet the increased needs of Christmas period without disparaging loss by reserving seasonal products on-time. Consumers, during the holiday period, renewed their confidence to Jumbo stores, a fact that was interpreted for the six months period in sales amounting to €203 millions, increased by 21.8% compared to last year’s sales. Consumers’ solid confidence allowed Jumbo Group not only to meet the undoubted difficulties created by the situation at the ports, but to significantly improve its performance in all partial indicators. The rationalization of the operational cost improved the net profit margin after taxes to 19.52% annually, enhanced by 271 basic units, while during the first three months it was formed at 14.15%. The extraordinary picture of the operating results, for one more year, is attributed to faster increase of income in comparison to expenses, although this semester no new stores were open. Analysts will note that the results are characterized by strong operational cash flows and by the significant improvement of all capital adequacy indicators required for the completion of the investment plan of the company. Lastly, it is highlighted that the cash position of the Group amounted to €116 millions on 31.12.2006, covering the total of loans, although significant amounts were given for the expansion of the Group in the Balkans in Bulgaria, an investment for the moment about €9 millions that will begin to render after the first superstore of the Group in Sofia starts operating. The subsidiary company of the Group in Cyprus has in parallel moved to the acquisition of a 46.000 m2 land in Bukharest, Romania for about €5 millions. The administrations’ plans remain firm; within the last three months of the present accounting period, 2 new metropolitan stores in Attica will operate, while the company decided the immediate closure of the Ekali and Psyhiko stores, as well as the termination of operation one more store during the last three months of the present fiscal period. The expansion of the Group in the Balkans is implemented normally. The first Jumbo store in Sofia, Bulgaria will be delivered within the coming October the latest, while the acquisition of a building plot has already initiated aiming, in parallel, for the construction of a second store in the Bulgarian capital, so when both start operating the necessary scale economies are achieved.