Extra General Meeting

In order to update the investing public, we would like to announce that at the Extraordinary General Meeting of our company’s shareholders that took place on Friday, 30.03.2007, 15:00, at the company’s main offices located at 9 Kyprou Road, Moschato, Attiki, in which were present and represented 68 shareholders, who own 34.530.171 of a total of 60.617.358 shares, i.e. a percentage of 56,96 % of the company’s paid over equity capital, the following decision was made from the majority of 56,29%: The modification of the decision to issue a Joint Bonded Loan of L.3156/2003, article 6, as to its maximum amount, which will sum up from 125,000,000€ to 145,000,000€, that was taken on the 06.12.2006 in the shareholder’s General Assembly