Extraordinary General Assembly 30.04.2007

To briefing of investment public, we notify that, according to the written elements, that have been deposited timely in the fund of our company, the Extraordinary Constitutive General Assembly, that has been programmed it assembles on Monday 30 April 2007 at 15.00 in the head offices of our company, on the roads Cyprus No 9 and Hydra in the Moshato Attica, for discussion and decision-making on the following subjects of daily provision: 1st subject: Decision-making to issue a Joint Bonded Loan of L.3156/2003, article 6, as to its maximum amount, which will sum up to 145,000,000€, that was taken on the 06.12.2006 in the shareholder’s General Assembly 2nd subject: Decision-making for the modification of articles 5 per. B, paragraph 1 and 5 and 27 paragraphs g’, No 5 and 8 the Statute of company and formulation of this in single text. it is to be cancelled, because is not assembled neither the simple quorum, or the strengthened quorum of shareholders of article 29 paragraphs of 2 K.N. 2190/1920, that is required for the discussion and decision-making on the subjects of daily provision. In the immediate future, we will public, regularly and timely, the invitation of Administrative Council, according to which the A Repetitive Extraordinary Constitutive General Assembly of shareholders of company, will assemble on 16.05.2007 at 16.00 in the same place and with the same subjects of daily provision