“JUMBO LIMITED TRADING COMPANY (S.A. Reg. No. 7650/06/B/86/04) INVITATION OF THE SHAREHOLDERS TO THE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY According to the law and its Statute, the Board of Directors invites the shareholders of the limited company under the name «JUMBΟ S.A..» to the Extraordinary General Assembly that will take place on the thirtieth (30) of April of the year 2007, day of the week Monday and at 15:00, in the headquarters of the company in 9 Kyprou & Ydras Str. in Moschato, Attica in order to discuss and take decisions on the following matters in the plenary session: 1st subject: Decision to issue a Joint Bonded Loan of L.3156/2003, article 6, as to its maximum amount, which will sum up to 145,000,000€, that was taken on the 06.12.2006 in the shareholder’s General Assembly. 2nd subject:Decision of alteration of the article 5, per. B’, par. 1 and 5 and 27 par. c’, numb 5 and 8 of the memorandum of association and expression in a discourse. All shareholders of the company have the right to participate in the General Assembly and to vote, in person or by a representative. All shareholders wishing to participate in the General Assembly must block all or part of their shares in the Paperless Securities System or directly in the Central Securities Depository (C.S.D. - Κ.Α.Α.) in case their shares are in the Special Account, through their operator and obtain an affirmation that shares are blocked, which they are obliged to deposit along with possible representation documents, until the 23.03.2007 to its Fund, in its headquarters in Moschato, Attica (9 Kyprou & Ydras Str, Shares department head Mrs Katerina Papaevangelou) Moschato, 2nd of April 2007. The Board of Directors”