JUMBO - Annual results for the period 01.07.2006-30.06.2007

With a strong wind of continuing productivity in all the indicators • Sales increased by 21.83% y-o-y • EBITDA increased by 29.45% y-o-y • Net income increased by 37.36% y-o-y The management will propose at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on December 12, 2007 the distribution of 32 eurocents dividend per share increased by 39%. The impressive increase of productivity and the effectiveness of network of JUMBO shops are the main pillars of the fiscal year results: Sales increased 21.83% at € 342.7m despite the fact that the number of stores decreased during the year as the company closed four stores and then opened one hyper store (the first metropolitan store at Piraeus Port) which expresses the new modern “Jumbo” perception of service for consuming public. Despite the revaluation of Chinese Yuan and the increase of the Chinese rates, the gross margin improved, for one more year, by 60 basic points at 53.2%. Earnings before taxes increased by 32.1% while net income increased by 37.36% as a result of the lower tax rate. Very satisfactory were also the results at EBITDA level which presented a constant rise during the fiscal year (+29.45%). Net income margin increased once more at 19.8% despite the intense competition and the dramatic reduction of Chinese subsidies to the exporters. On June 30, 2007 the company operated 39 Jumbo stores of which 16 are situated in Attica, 21in the Greek province and 2 in Cyprus. At the same time the company continued the preparation of the first store in Bulgaria investing in human resources and infrastructure. The store is expected to start its operation in Sofia at December 2007. Analysts commenting on the Group’s outlook pointed out that the modern perception in the retail trade worldwide is focused on the improvement of all individual indicators in order to increase productivity not only by the opening of new sales points but also through the existing network (like for like). Our shareholder, which are partners to our affords, should know that within the current period, the tax audit of the fiscal years 2003-2004, 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 was finalized and the additional taxes of € 234 thousands are included in this year’s profit and loss account. The extra amount of taxes is by Greek standard practices a small amount comparing to the turnover. Despite the fact of the disruption of the fires and the early announced elections the first two months of the Q1 07/08 are ahead of the management guidance for the year.