Impressive increase of sales for the financial year ended at June 2008

Jumbo group the biggest retail company of toys, baby products, stationary products and other relevant products in Greece announces the sales for the financial ended at 30 June 2008. The group’s sales growth reached 17.88% y-o-y in the financial year ended at June 30, 2008 which was better than the management’s last estimate for sales growth of 17.39% y-o-y. Jumbo stores in Greece and the hyper-store in Bulgaria contributed significantly in the company’s great performance as the continuing arrhythmia in the harbours complicates the achievement of great performance in Cyprus as well. Specifically for the last quarter of the financial year 2007/2008 the company accomplished to materialize its targets despite the extended strike of trucks of public use in May, the continuing “white strike” of the main harbors of the country for seventh continuous month and the Euro in June (football event). The group continues its investment plan for its network expansion. It has already been announced that three new Giant stores will open in Greece during the first half of the current financial year July 2008-June 2009. Also the worm acceptance of the Bulgarian consumers leads to the acceleration of the group’s investment program with the purchase of one more plot of 33.757sqm in Sofia. The group has two more plots in Sofia one of 7.834sqm and one of 32439sqm aiming at the construction of new Jumbo hyper-stores as soon as the company will obtain the relevant building licences.