Announcement Regarding the Convertible Bond as of 08.09.2006

Regarding the as of 08.09.2006 Bond Loan of the company, with bonds convertible to ordinary registered company’s shares (from now Convertible Bond), of the amount of € 42,432,150.00 and duration of 7 years which was issued according to the article 8 of the L. 3156/2003 and 3a of the L. 2190/1920, and is dividend to 4.243.215 common nominal bonds, of nominal value € 10.00 each, the Board of Directors of the company JUMBO S.A. informs the bondholders that: The company’s Board of Directors with its decision of 14.4.2009 approved the obligatorily adjustment of the conversion ratio from 1.050420168 to 2.100840336 and the adjustment of the conversion price from € 9.52 to € 4.76, in accordance to the terms of the Convertible Bond ,in order for the bond holders to reiterate their initial right as a consequence of the corporate action, which was approved with a decision of the Regular General Assembly on 3.12.2008 regarding the company’s share capital increase (doubling) at the amount of € 84,864,301. 20, which was held with the issuance of 60,617,358 new common nominal shares, of nominal value € 1.40 each, which were distributed as bonus shares to the beneficiaries shareholders of company in a proportion of 1 new for every 1 old share.