Announcement regarding the share capital increase of the company after the conversion of bonds into shares

It is announced from the company “Jumbo SA” that on 14.4.2010 start being traded the 68.804 new common registered shares of nominal value EUR 1,40 each, that resulted from the company’s share capital increase by EUR 96.325,60 due to the conversion on 8.3.2010 of 32.752 bonds of nominal value and disposal value of EUR 10.00 of the company’s Convertible Bond Loan as of 8.9.2006, of total amount EUR 42.432.150,00, the conversion ration was 2,100840336 and the conversion price at EUR 4,76 per share, according to the 7.6.2006 decision of the company’s shareholders’ General Meeting, and the decisions of the company’s Board of Directors on 3.8.2006, 31.8.2006, 5.9.2006, 6.9.2006, 8.9.2006 and 14.4.2009.
According to the term 8.3 of the Convertible Bond Loan the new 8.573.674 common nominal shares, are eligible to dividend of the current financial year (01.07.2009-30.06.2010) in which the right of conversion was exercised.
The abovementioned share capital increase was confirmed by the decision of the company’s Board of Directors on 11.3.2010, by which there was an amendment of the article 5 par. A’ of the company’s Articles of Association and was certified on 12.3.2010 with the decision of the company’s Board of Directors. The above decisions were registered in the Official Register of Sociétés Anonymes on 11.3.2010 and were published the no. Κ2-2496 and Κ2-2496 relevant announcements.
The Board of Directors of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX), at its meeting on 09.04.2010, approved the admission to trading of the new 68.804 new common registered shares. After that the share capital of the company will stand at EUR 181.828.071,60 divided into 129.877.194 common nominal shares, with nominal value of EUR 1.40 each.
According the decision of the company’s Board of Directors the new shares will start being traded on 14.04.2010. From the same day the new shares will be credited to the beneficiaries’ DSS accounts.
For further information, shareholders may contact the shareholder information department during working days and hours (Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267).