Amendment of the Financial Calendar

The Company’s BoD according to the 28.06.2012 decision, will propose to the Extraordinary General Meeting of the company’s shareholders that will be held on Wednesday 25.07.2012 or on the defined repetitive dates, the reduction of the Company’s share capital amount of €181.947.551,80 by the equivalent of € 27.292.132,77 through a reduction in the nominal value of the 129.962.537 shares of the company by € 0,21 per share and return of the amount € 0,21 per share of the capital reduction to its shareholders in cash.
Following the above, the Company's financial calendar, subject to necessary approvals, is completed as follows:
• Date of the Extraordinary General Meeting: 25.07.2012
• Date of negotiation of the Company’s shares with the new nominal value and the ex-date of the special dividend: 07.09.2012.
• Special Dividend beneficiaries – Record date: 11.09.2012.
• Special dividend payment date: 17.09.2012.
The Company reserves the right to change the above dates following relevant notification to the Investors.