Announcement for the conversion of the convertible bond into shares – Convertible non negotiable Bond Loan Jumbo SA, of EUR 42.432.150

Jumbo SA announces the following:
1. According to the terms of the Convertible Bond Loan of the company, issued on 08.09.2006, according to the decision of the Second Repeated Extraordinary Meeting of the shareholders’ at 07.06.2006 in combination with as of 3.8.2006, 31.8.2006, 5.9.2006, 6.9.2006, 8.9.2006 14.4.2009 and 11.09.2012 decisions of the Board of Directors, regarding the right of conversion of the convertible bonds into shares (term of 8.1.): Every one (1) bond provides to the Bondholder the right to convert into 2,21425331 ordinary shares each with nominal value of 1,19 Euro. The conversion price is EUR 4,52 per share. The conversion right can be exercised for the first time the first day of the 4th year from the issuance date (at 08.09.2009) and every six months onwards at the corresponding with the issuance date of the Loan every month (Conversion Date).
According to the above terms, on 08.09.2013, there were submitted by beneficiary bond-holders 5 applications to exercise the right of conversion of a total 67.492 of bonds of nominal value and disposal value of EUR 10,00 that will be converted into 149.441 new common nominal shares of the company with voting right and nominal value of EUR 1,19 each. Under the exercise of the conversion right the company’s share capital will increase by EUR 177.834,79with the issuance of 149.441 new nominal shares of the company, with nominal value of EUR 1,19 each. After that the share capital of the company will stand at EUR 154.871.499,23 divided into 130.144.117 common nominal shares, with nominal value of EUR 1,19 each. Due to the share capital increase the resulting difference of the amount of EUR 497.085,21 is credited to the “Share premium” account. The abovementioned share capital increase was confirmed by the decision of the company’s Board of Directors on 09.09.2013, by which there was an amendment of the article 5 par. A’ of the company’s Articles of Association and was certified on 11.09.2013 with the decision of the company’s Board of Directors. The above decisions were registered in General Electronic Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.) an independent department of the Ministry of Development on 02.10.2013 and were published the no. Κ2-5951 and Κ2-5951 (twice) relevant announcements.
2. According to the term 8.3 of the Convertible Bond Loan the new 149.441 common nominal shares, are eligible to dividend of the current financial year (01.07.2013-30.06.2014) in which the right of conversion was exercised, while they are not eligible to the dividend of the financial year ended at 30.6.2013. Consequently, the above 149.411 new common nominal shares, will be issued as a new series of company’s shares, that will be traded at the Athens Exchange without the right of the dividend for financial year ended at 30.6.2013. Their opening price will be equal to the closing price, of the 129.994.676 common nominal shares of company that are traded today, on the last session of the Athex.
According to the company’s financial calendar for 2013/2014, the Annual General Meeting of the company’s shareholders will take place on 06.11.2013 and the management will propose the no dividend distribution for the financial year 2012/2013 aiming at the strengthening of the company’s capital adequacy.
3. As far as the issuance of the new shares is concerned, there will be followed the formal process of submission of supporting documents and reception of required approvals, according to the terms of the Convertible Bond Loan, the law 2190/1920 and the paragraph 5.3.6 of the ATHEX Regulation. At the first stage the company will submit the supporting documents to the Athens Exchange for approval. At the second stage the 149.441 new common nominal shares of the company will start being traded as a new series of company’s shares at the 3rd working day after the date of the relevant approval from the Athens Exchange as it will be reported in newer relative statement that will be published at least one working day before. The new shares will be credited to the beneficiaries’ DSS accounts a day before they start being traded.
4. For further information, shareholders may contact the shareholder information department during working days and hours (Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267)