Reply to the Capital Market Commission letter

Following a relevant enquiry from the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (Ref. No. 1257 dated 27/3/2013), Jumbo S.A would like to inform the investor community:

In accordance to the published data at the end of the first half of the current financial year 2012/2013 Jumbo Group, the largest retail company of toys, baby products, stationary products and other relevant products in Greece operated 62 stores of which 51 are in Greece, 3 in Cyprus and 8 in Bulgaria.

Group sales during the first six months of the current financial year, from July until December 2012, reached € 295,40 million from € 293,06 million implying an increase of +0,80% y-o-y. The sales of the stores in Cyprus reached € 32 million consisting 11% of the Group’s sales. The above percentage has not changed from the relevant percentage for the fiscal year that ended at 30/06/2012.

Jumbo Group has a sound financial structure and during the first half of the current financial year the cash available amounted to € 233 million. The subsidiary company in Cyprus held approximately deposits of € 58 million at Bank of Cyprus in Cyprus. The Jumbo Group does not hold any stock (bonds or shares) or any other financial instruments issued by Bank of Cyprus or CPB.

The subsidiary company in Cyprus continues its operation however it is estimated that the sales in Cyprus will be negatively affected by 20%-25% for the remaining four months period until the end of the current financial year.

In any case it should be taken under consideration and it should be noted that there is no official decision from the authorities in Cyprus regarding the implementation of the agreement.