Announcement regarding FY 2013/2014 sales

Another impressive financial year for the Jumbo Group has been completed in June 30th, 2014 and the shareholders - partners of the Group are informed as always on time and validly regarding the performance.

The regular expansion of the product mix offered by the JUMBO stores and the continuous improvement at all levels of the service provided to its consumers, have raised the sales in new levels.

• From July 1st 2013 until June 30th, 2014 the sales exceeded the amount of EUR 541,8 million instead of EUR 502,2 million of the previous 12-month period.

The constant challenges and twists in Greek and international economic scene, did not prevent the turnover of the JUMBO Group to note an increase of 7,90%, exceeding the target that was announced by the management concerning annual sales growth between 4% and 6% y-o-y.

• Regarding the Greek market that is experiencing the 6th consecutive year of deep recession, the Jumbo stores recorded a year with a small increase in sales.

• Regarding the Cypriot market, despite the challenging economic situation, the positive response of the consumers to the government's decision to extend the opening hours of the stores and the addition of the new Jumbo store in Paphos contributed to the double-digit sales growth.

• Also the Jumbo stores in the neighboring Bulgaria recorded double-digit sales growth, as the year ended in June, its advertisement campaign was launched in the local market.

• The performance of the first two hyper-stores in Romania was in line with the initial expectations and as a result for the next fiscal year the operation of three more owned hyper-stores in the country is planned.

During the financial year July 2013- June 2014, the Group operated 5 new hyper-stores the 2 out of which are located in Greece, the 1 in Cyprus and the 2 in Romania, while the operation of one leased store in Promachonas ended. Today the Jumbo store network has 66 stores 52 out of which are located in Greece, 4 in Cyprus, 8 in Bulgaria and 2 in Romania and the on line store e-Jumbo.

Regarding the new financial year, the Group will continue its expansion with the opening of 4-5 new stores in total while the upgrade of old stores continues normally as the results achieved allow the uninterrupted financing of this pre-announced action. In accordance to the Group’s budget it is expected that sales will increase between 4% and 6% provided that the Greek market is stabilized while the net earnings are expected between € 90-95 million.