Announcement related to the draft amendment of the Articles of Association.

Jumbo SA announces that in accordance to the decision of the 14.01.2014 of the Board of Directors the shareholders of “JUMBO SA”, have been invited to an Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 12.02.2014, at 16:00 at the Company’s offices at 9, Kyprou & Hydras street, in Moschato, Attica in order to decide on several issues and among others for Amendment of the Article 5 § A of the Company’s Articles of Association.
In accordance with article 19, par.2 of L.3556/2007 the draft of the amendment of the of the current Articles of Association which will be presented at the Extraordinary General Meeting that will be held on 12.02.2014 is the following:
A. Equity-shares.
«In accordance to the decision of the 12.02.2014 Extraordinary Statutory General Meeting of Shareholders, a the share capital increase has been approved by a total amount of EUR 7.039.613,98 derived from the capitalization of the following existing reserves: a ) by the amount of EUR 6.878.782,59 from share premium account and b ) the amount of EUR 160.831,39 which is part of existed special reserves from taxed non distributed earnings of the company. The share capital increase will take place through the issue of 5.915.642 new common shares of the company of nominal value of EUR 1,19 each, which will be distributed to the shareholders of the company at a ratio of one (1 ) new share for every twenty -two (22 ) existing shares. After the share capital increase the company’s share capital will reach EUR 161.911.113,21, divided 136.059.759 common shares of nominal value EUR 1,19 each.».