Outcome of the sale of fractional shares resulting from the share capital increase and the distribution of bonus shares

Jumbo S.A. announces that in accordance to the no. 87/19.09.2014 decision of the Director of Research Department of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, on Monday, October 13th 2014 the sale of 1.711 common nominal shares of the Company was completed. These shares resulted from the fractional rights of the Company’s latest share capital increase in accordance with the relative decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting on 12.02.2014.

The final net result of the sale amounts to 16.520,77 euros (excluding relevant expenses) that corresponds to σε 9,6556 euro per every share.

Beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale are shareholders, holders of fractional balances, who were registered in the records of the Electronic (Dematerialized) Securities System (DSS) of the Hellenic Exchanges S.A. (HELEX) on March 07, 2014 (Record Date).

The proceeds from the sale will be distributed to the beneficiaries from Friday October 17th, 2014 as follows:
1. Through their respective operators in the D.S.S., to those shareholders who have provided authorization to their respective operators.
2. Through Eurobank Ergasias for those shareholders that keep their shears in the special account of the registry.
3. Through the Eurobank Ergasias network of branches for those shareholders who have not provided or have revoked the relevant authorization to their operators or for those shareholders who will not receive their proceeds from the sale according to the process mentioned above.
The payment through Eurobank Ergasias network will be executed through the submission of the Identity Card and the particulars of the DSS account, while the payment to a third person can only be done through the presentation of an authorization, which shall include the full details of the Shareholder as well as of the authorized person (full name, father's name, Identity number & taxpayer identification number) and will be certified for the original signature by the Police or another Public Authority.
After three (3) months from the payment date i.e. as of 19.01.2015 payment will be made only at the company’s headquarters in the Moshato Attica (Cyprus street 9 and Idras, Tel. 2104805267). For further information, shareholders may contact the shareholder information department during working days and hours (Head of the Department Mrs Amalia Karamitsoli, tel. 2104805267).