Deep breaths before the great effort of Christmas

The resilience in sales, the confidence of the consumers and the continuous effort to improve efficiency and service, allows the JUMBO Group to be prepared for the holiday season which is important for the figures with restrained optimism and increased liquidity.

During the first quarter that ended on 30th September 2015, the net profits for the Group were increased by 8,90% y-o-y. The net profits reached EUR 21,79 million from EUR 20,01million at the respective period of last year despite the increase of taxation in Greece.

During the period of July-August-September 2015 the sales for the Group were increased by 4,89% y-o-y at EUR 152,63million from EUR 145,51million at the respective period of last year. This performance is attributed to the slight decrease of sales of the stores in Greece while the stores in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania continued to record a dynamic growth rate.

As the environment, regarding the transport costs, remains favorable, the gross profit margin in the first quarter of the year 2015-2016 recorded a slight improvement in 47,97% versus 47,55% at the corresponding period of last year.

Respectively, the EBITDA reached EUR 32,86 million from EUR 29,99 million at the respective period of last year, increased by 9,58% y-o-y due to better cost management.

Sales in October and November until today record a positive rate increase for all the countries where the Group is operating, that prove that the market in Greece remains resilient. However, the sales of Christmas season are remaining crucial for the course of the second quarter and there is focused the management’s and the employees effort.

As of October the new store of the Group in Romania has started its operation in Pitesti (12.000 sqm). With the addition of that store the Jumbo Group has a network of 73 stores in four countries. Specifically it holds 53 stores in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 8 in Bulgaria and 7 in Romania as well as the online store e-jumbo.