JUMBO fulfilled its promise to its shareholders and distributes a dividend of 0,36 € / share despite

The Annual General Meeting of Jumbo shareholders was held on Wednesday November 2nd with the participation of 490 shareholders representing 83,38% of the company’s shares.

The General Meeting approved, among other issues, the distribution of a dividend. It should be noted that initially the management had proposed the distribution of EUR 0,27 per share for the financial year 2015/2016 however, following a discussion during the General Meeting it was proposed and approved the distribution of an increased dividend amount of EUR 0,36 per share (EUR 0,3240 per share after the withholding tax).

During the Annual General Meeting of Jumbo shareholders, the management reminded to the Company’s shareholders-partners that the sales increased by +11,53% y-o-y during the first three months of the current financial year 2016/2017.
Despite the downward trend that was recorded in Greece in October, sales at Group level increased during the first four months (July- October 2016) of the FY 2016/2017 with a pace higher than the estimated increase for the year.
According to the Group's budget for the current financial year, sales increase is expected to range between 4% - 7%.
Concerning the current financial year that has started in July 2016, the new hyper-store of JUMBO Group will operate in Bulgaria in November, while the Group invests in two new hyper-stores in Romania, which are estimated to operate by Christmas 2017.

Attention is being paid to international collaborations in new markets in the Balkans. The company, through partnerships, has a presence with stores that carry Jumbo brand in four countries (FYROM, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia).

As for the current fiscal year, the branch network of the franchisers is expected to expand in countries where they already operate, while the expansion of the commercial cooperation with the independent customer Kid Zone Sh.p.k, in Bosnia is also expected.