Presentation of Jumbo at the Hellenic Fund and Asset management Association

At the Annual Analysts’ Presentation that took place today at the Hellenic Fund and Asset management Association in Athens, the management presented the Group’s activities, the financial results of the Jumbo Group as well as the prospective of the financial year started in July 2017.

The financial year that ended in June 30th, 2017 recorded a significant increase in the turnover and profitability of the Group.

• Sales for the Group increased by +6,88% at EUR 681,43 million from EUR 637,56 million of the previous financial year.
• Group’s gross profit amounted to EUR 355,49 million from EUR 337,93 million, recording an increase of + 5,20% y-o-y.
• Net earnings of the Group amounted to EUR 131,01 million from EUR 121,26 million in the last financial year increased by +8,04% y-o-y.

The management of Jumbo Group, taking into account the economic conditions, the group performance and the trust demonstrated by the shareholders, will propose the distribution of a dividend of EUR 48.981.513,24 at the upcoming general meeting of shareholders, which corresponds to EUR 0,36 (gross) per share (136.059.759 shares). It is noted that the Group has already paid the amount of EUR 24.490.756,62 on 28.03.2017 with the form of an interim dividend and the distribution of the remaining amount of EUR 24.490.756,62 which corresponds to EUR 0,18/share (gross) is expected to be distributed after the relevant approval of the General Meeting. The remaining amount of the dividend is EUR 0,1530 per share after the withholding tax of 15%.

Data of the new financial year
The new financial year, July 2017- June 2018, started with a positive sales growth rate for the Group.

• Specifically on the first quarter, July 2017-September 2017, sales increased approximately by +12%.
• This performance is attributed to the single digit increase of sales for Greece and Cyprus, while the stores in Bulgaria and Romania continue to record dynamic double digit growth.

Despite the dynamic beginning of the new financial year, it should be taken into account that the second quarter is the most important including Christmas Season. According to the Group’s budget for the new financial year, sales are expected to increase between 6%-9%, while the earnings are expected to remain at the same level as the ones of 2016/2017.

Store development
On 30.06.2017 Jumbo Group operated 73 stores, 51 of which are located in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 9 in Bulgaria and 8 in Romania. The Group also operates its online store Also, on 30.06.2017 the Company had a presence through partnerships with stores that operate under Jumbo brand name in FYROM (3 stores), in Albania (2 stores), in Kosovo (3 stores), in Serbia (2 stores) and in Bosnia (one store).

Regarding the store network expansion for the current financial year (2017/2018), it is noted that the opening of one more privately-owned hyper-store is expected in Suceva (Romania) until November, while two more stores are scheduled to open by the end of the current financial year. Regarding Greece, a store in Katerini is expected to open by the end of the current financial year.

The presentation is available at the company’s site