Greece maintains its positive rate during the 10-month of FY 2018 /2019

The interim dividend of 0,19 € /share, increased by 10%, to which shareholders – partners of Jumbo’s Group are entitled, is cut off tomorrow, Wednesday 8th May.
The management, following its constant policy of timely and valid information, announces the latest developments of the Group, as the 10-month of the financial year, which started in July 2018 has been completed and the most important commercial events of the year (school season, Christmas and Easter celebrations) are already included in the Group’s sales.
From July 2018 until April 2019, the Group’s sales recorded an increase of approximately +7% within the original expectations.
  • Undoubtedly, the race is driven by the dynamic market of Romania, where in March the 13th Jumbo hyper store was introduced and Romania as a country has recorded sales growth of more than 30% for the 10-month period.
  • the market of Bulgaria follows (approximately +9%),
  • the market of Cyprus (approximately +2,5%) and of Greece (net sales of the parent company excluding intragroup sales) with sales growth of approximately +2,5%. Greece seems to stabilize in positive rate despite intense fluctuations.
Shareholders are informed regarding the interim dividend of 0,19 €/share before tax withholding:
  • ex-interim dividend date: Wednesday May 8, 2019.
  • Interim Dividend beneficiaries – Record date: Thursday May 9, 2019.
  • Interim dividend payment date: Tuesday May 14, 2019.
Network development
Since July 2018, 3 new owned stores have opened in the market of Romania.
  • The first one in the area of Bucharest (approximately 13.600 sq. m.) since the end of September.
  • The second one in Bacau (approximately 12.900 sq. m) since November 12th.
  • The third one in Braila (approximately 12.000 sq. m) that opened in March.
Consequently, JUMBO operates today 78 stores, 51 of which are located in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 9 in Bulgaria and 13 in Romania. The Group also operates its online store
The Group intends to strengthen the Greek market with the opening of one more owned hyper store in Katerini by June 2019, while another owned hyper store is expected to open in Brasov, Romania by October 2019.
The Group has also a presence through partnerships in 5 countries with stores that operate under JUMBO brand name (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia and Bosnia).