Course of stable growth – rewarding shareholders – partners with interim dividend

Jumbo Group, completing 2/3 of the new financial year from July 2018 till currently, is informing its shareholders about the course of its financial sizes as well as the most significant developments to date.
On-going trust in JUMBO products and services, expressed by the consumers, the management’s commitment to the development investment business plan, the constantly growing influence of foreign countries on the key ratios and the rational management of the success so far, constitute the features of the current year.
Regarding the first half of the FY 2018/2019, from July to December 2018, the Group's total turnover increased by + 7.63% to € 476.75 million (from € 442.96 million representing the corresponding turnover last year).
Gross profit for the Group amounted to € 242.14 million from € 222.97 million, recording an increase of approximately + 8.59%. The gross profit margin of the Group stood at 50.79% versus 50.34% recording in the corresponding period last year.
The Group’s Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) amounted to € 140.35 million versus € 130.59 million in the corresponding previous year, increased by +7.48%.
• The Group's net profit for the half of the current FY amounted to € 98.74 million versus € 90.42 million in the corresponding previous period, increased by 9.20%.
The management would like to inform the investors that at the 8-month level, from July 2018 until February 2019, the Group's sales have been increased by + 7%. It is to be noted that this year, the Carnival and Easter celebrations are later than last year and, therefore, sales figures are not directly comparable.
During the first half of the financial year July-December 2018, Group issued a common bond loan of eight-year duration up to the amount of € 200m. The purpose of the loan was to refinance the € 145 million common bond loan issued on 21.05.2014, as well as finance the company's capital expenses, if and when it is required. To date, the total bond amount remains unused, while payments are made only in respect of inertia interest rate.
Following the completion of the first half of the FY, which is traditionally the most period to the entire course of the annual period, the Company's Management decided to distribute interim dividend for the FY a 2018/2019 standing at € 0.19 per share, before withholding tax, versus € 0.1728, distributed last year. The amount of the interim dividend is increased by approximately 10%, in line with the management's promise to shareholders-partners for increased cash distribution when circumstances allow it. Further announcements will indicate the record date as well as the payment starting date.
Network Development
Two new stores have been launched in the Romanian market since July 2018.

• The first one in the Bucharest area (approximately13,600 sq. m.) since the end of September.
• The second one is a self-owned 12,900 sq.m. store in Bacau, which opened its doors on November 12th.
Consequently, currently, JUMBO network of stores has 77 stores. 51 of them are located in Greece, 5 in Cyprus, 9 in Bulgaria and 12 in Romania, while the Group also operates an e-shop
Through collaborations, the Group has presence in JUMBO branded shops in 5 countries (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, North Macedonia and Bosnia).
By the end of March 2019, another self-owned store is expected to operate in Braila, Romania (approximatelt 12,000 sq. m.) and until June 2019, another branch in Northern Greece has been planned to start operating.