Election of a new Member of the Board of Directors in replacement of a resigned Member

JUMBO S.A. (the “Company”) announces to investors that the Company’s Board of Directors, during the meeting that was held on 14.10.2020, decided upon the election of Mr. Dimitrios Kerameus as an executive member of the Board of Directors, in replacement and for the remaining term of office of the resigned executive member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ioannis Economou.
Subsequently, after the election of Mr Dimitrios Kerameus, the Company’s Board of Directors is for the remaining of its term as follows:
1. Apostolos Evaggelos Vakakis - Chairman, Executive Member
2. Dimitrios Kerameus - Vice Chairman, Executive Member
3. Konstantina Demiri - CEO, Executive Member
4. Sofia Vakaki - Executive Member
5. Nicholaos Velissariou - Independent Non-Executive Member
6. Georgios Katsaros - Independent Non-Executive Member
7. Fotios Tsigkos - Independent Non-Executive Member

ATHENS, 14.10.2020