JUMBO Group-Continues to invest dynamically, in a reduced visibility environment

With an increased participation and representation of approximately the 84% of the share capital, the Annual General Meeting of the Jumbo Group’s shareholders was held today.

• The General Meeting approved the distribution of EUR 0,062 (gross) per share (136.059.759 shares) for the sub-twelve month financial year from July 1st 2019 to December 31st 2019, while it also ratified the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of 21.01.2020 according to which an amount of EUR 0,22 per share had been distributed in January 2020.

With the above decisions, the JUMBO Group implemented the management's commitment to distribute a total of EUR 0,282 per share corresponding to 50% of the annual dividend for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, increased by + 20%.

Beneficiaries of the € 0,062 (gross) dividend are the Company's registered shareholders at the closing of the Athens Exchange session on the record date, which is Tuesday 02.06.2020. The dividend cutoff date is Monday 01.06.2020. The payment to entitled Shareholders begins on Tuesday, June 9th , 2020.

Regarding the performance of the Group for the financial year ending in December 2020, the management informed the company’s shareholders that after the two-month closing of the stores, a few days before the beginning of the Easter season and after, 2020 should be considered a "lost year" as the percentage of the turnover that was lost is impossible to be replaced in total in the coming months.

In addition, there is no certainty that the problem of pandemic is a matter of the past for the world and there will be no need to take further restrictive measures in the coming months.

At the moment, the management focus on the crisis management, with the aim of the Group's survival in the difficult international business environment and maintaining the acquis of the past, limiting the ambitions for financial performance.

To address the unexpected and unique crisis, the management informed the shareholders that it would repeat the successful method it had applied to other major crises of the past:

• Will continue to invest dynamically but at the same time more cautiously.

As a first step was announced the immediate opening of the online store in Cyprus and immediately afterwards, in early 2021, in Romania. In addition, the Group continues the preparations for the operation of new stores in Greece, Cyprus and Romania in early 2021.