JUMBO S.A. (the “Company”), announces that on 07.07.2022 the Board of Directors decided the implementation of the Share Buyback Program, by virtue of the decision of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on 05.05.2022, under the following terms:
a. The maximum number of shares to be acquired will not exceed 13.605.975, which represents the ten percent (10%) of the fully paid-up share capital of the Company,
b. Their minimum purchase price will be one (EUR 1) euro per share and their maximum purchase price will be thirteen euros and 0.50 (EUR 13.50) per share,
c. The program will last until 04.05.2024.
The purchases of own shares will be made through authorized member of the Athens Stock Exchange.
The final amount that will be allocated for the program and the number of shares that will eventually be purchased, will depend on the current conditions of the Company and the market.